jueves, 24 de julio de 2008

Boot loader in sabayon

I wanted to change the boot order in my pc, i looked for the boot loader in my operative system, sabayon 3.5 but there wasn't any application for that.
A way of doing it is editing the file : /boot/grub/menu.lst

To open the file you have to navigate in konsole to /boot/grub and use the command:

$ sudo gedit menu.lst

In the option default=0 you can change the number depending on the option you want to load, in the option timeout=6 you can change it to the seconds you want to have for choosing your option, you can change the background image, the only thing is that it's gotta be a .xpm.gz

And you can change what you want to load as your options, the title, location,etc.

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talishte dijo...

Title is the indicator for each segment so if you have:

title Other operating systems:

Is another one to count

I prefer use vim for all

Javihm77 dijo...

Talishte you've given an important tip, and that's something I like of linux, there are many programs for everything, many editors and all of them are nice.