viernes, 7 de marzo de 2008

Sunsets in Northern Norway

I was looking for some nice photos in google and I found a great photo blog of norway. I liked too much the photos and I wanted to post them, so you can look and enjoy them here in my blog.

1. Midnight sunset at 01:30 AM

2. Wide angle sunset from the beach

3. Amazing red sunset at midnight

4. Incredible red sunset - Sky and clouds are on fire

5. Tern landing on an old rowboat

2 comentarios:

b3@ dijo...

maravillas de la naturaleza!!!
algo q solo Dios pudo hacr tan perfecto no crees??
hey yo tengo unas fotos de guate!!! ahi las subo otro dia a mi blog para q las vean :)

Erick Alejandro dijo...

la segunda fue la que mas me gusto...