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Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena railway station

I've always liked The Netherlands, it´s one of my favorites countries. and that´s the reason why I want to publish a post of an arquitectural construction in Amsterdam.
I was reading the newspaper and read a new about new railway station named Bijlmer Arena, located in the Bijlmermeer neighbourhood of the Amsterdam Zuidoost stadsdeel.
Princess from The Netherlands Máxima Zorreguieta opened the railway station on November 17th and they had a great celebration with her. It was built in six years and costed € 150 millions.

The station has five platforms and eight tracks; two for the Amsterdam Metro and six train tracks, along with a bus station.

The exceptional and transparent design of the building provides travelers a feeling of comfort and safety and gives a good overview. At rush hours, the station handles 25,000 travelers every 90 minutes. ARCADIS and its design partner succeeded in realizing a modern traffic interchange that meets the needs of its users and the municipality.

It's interesting how europeans work. The station was originally opened in May 24, 1971 but has been rebuilt twice, a large part of the rebuilding was completed and in November 17th, 2007 the station was fully opened.
The station will arch over the Arena Boulevard. The complex is almost 100 metres tall, 70 metres wide, and 7 metres tall. It will be mostly transparent, to blend in to the rest of the Boulevard.

On December 10,2006 the name was changed from Amsterdam Bijlmer to Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena, like its location Arena Boulevard named after the nearby Amsterdam Arena stadium, home of AFC Ajax. On the west side is Heineken Music Hall and Pathé Arena movie theater with 14 screens. On the east side is Amsterdamse Poort, the largest shopping centre in whole Amsterdam.

The station has these railway lines:

You can see the station in this video:


I want to show to the people of my dear country what Dutch people do in their cities, it's amazing how they spend country's money, they are always trying to give the best to its citizens. My question is Why they do things like that and we don't?
What's going on?? why we just look for our interests, our money, our benefits, WHY? why students are bad students, teachers bad teachers?, professionals bad professionals and workers in general are bad workers? why guatemalans have to be like that? why politicians just look for their money,why they just want to be in goverment to steal? Why Guatemalan people is too lazy?
We have to change, we have to be people who help others, where we are. We have to think different, we have to give the best of ourselves in our job or wherever you are. Please do things without expecting something in return, just do it because you want to be good, because you want to have a better country and beacause you want to be better persons!
If we don´t we are going to have the same country, or maybe worse. Just think about it!!

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ENIO DE LEON dijo...

Esa reflexion que hiciste es muy buena... lo mejor es empezar por nosotros mismos de esa forma ir transmitiendo a las personas los valores que en Guatemala se han perdido... como la solidaridad, cortesia, respeto, honestidad, etc. Asi algun dia podamos llegar a ser un pais como el que siempre hemos deseado.

Anónimo dijo...

hey, que interesante que escribiste sobre Amsterdam! Yo soy de Guate pero hace un año vivo acá, y me pregunto lo mismo que tú. Saludos!